If you like this novella, don’t hesitate to read the novels, because they’re addictively good and humorous urban fantasy- 5* Amazon

What a fun read. I stumbled upon it and enjoyed it so much, I bought the rest of the series. -5* Amazon

This novella is a wonderful introduction to the author’s world -5* Amazon

DC Farmer’s Hipposync Archives are entertaining, irreverent, and an automatic “buy” for me – 5* Goodreads


This is an absolute *hoot*. Fans of Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams will find that Farmer has created something right up their alley, but being more of a fan of Jim Butcher, I find that this is nonetheless just as appealing…and a truckload of fun!  Shecky 5* Amazon

Combine the snarky dialogue of Jim Butcher with the world-building of Douglas Adams and JK Rowling, mix well with folktales and legends from around the world, then top it off with D.C. Farmer’s famous dry wit, and you’ve one gotta-read-it-now novel in The 400lb Gorilla. Darby K 5* Amazon

I was drawn in to the story from the first page, and thought the pacing was excellent, and the book didn’t lag at all. What I also loved about the book was the fact it’s set in Great Britain. Sara 5* Goodreads

Quirky, often surreal, and on more than one occasion pleasantly dark, I rather enjoyed this debut novel…This first book of the Hipposync Archives is solidly entertaining metaphysical mayhem and a shed load of fun to boot. The Eloquent Page -4* Blog (Full review HERE)

I do not understand why I have not heard more about The 400lb Gorilla. (No, I will not explain the title! That would be a massive spoiler!) This book is a marvelous, warped puzzle of an urban fantasy. Dr Susan -5* Goodreads.

All around a really great read, but a word of caution – random moments of loud and very audible laughing should be expected. Christine – 5*Goodreads.
Matt Danmor is such a great character. I just wanted to give him a hug…he is just too cute! So lovable and someone all readers will be rooting for. Talk about character growth…zero to hero anyone? Tracy – 5* Goodreads.


I’m sure that all who read this novel will have this question on their minds when they’ve reached the final page: “When will the next Hippposync Archive novel be published?” Seregil-5* Amazon

Funny and serious at the same time, Farmers words leap out at the page at you in quite the well written novel that you’ll have problems putting down. Suart-5* Amazon

I give this a solid 4/5. If you have any interest in Urban Fantasy, you should check this book out in a heartbeat.CB -Amazon

Author D.C. Farmer writes with a sense of humor and sensitivity that makes this book very much worth reading. Steve 5* Amazon

I’d highly recommended Frivolous Pursuits and intend to read more of this series.Pamela-4*Amazon

Hippotastic! Andy 5* Amazon


A very good read. It kept me hooked from beginning to end.
It has the right amount of humour mixed in but beware of reading whilst your spouse is asleep as you could quite easily laugh so much you wake them up.- 5* Goodreads

One of the funniest and most entertaining urban fantasy novels of the year! –5* Amazon

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