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I’m like most people in that I give in to the universal fears of pain and death and unnoticed-until-too-late-empty-toilet-roll-holders.  All perfectly understandable from a survival/cleanliness perspective. But the most interesting fears are those that are irrational, the ones that come from the sub conscious. Such as Coulrophobia the fear of clowns, or ornithophobia – birds, … Continue Reading

Most urban fantasies have an urban setting, are contemporary and usually contain supernatural elements. The clue is in the label. I’ve written before about setting and how important it is (wearing my children’s author hat), here; Setting It Straight When it comes to urban fantasy, a sense of place is doubly important. In order to … Continue Reading

There are lots of things I like about this book. First of all, it’s definitely my genre. An urban fantasy based on a kind of warped science fiction set in a dystopian future. It’s funny, satirical, and leaves you wanting more. Everything is not explained which is always a great way to start a series. … Continue Reading

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