On becoming a hybrid scribe.


shockNo, not another apocalyptic-dystopian-28-day-triffid-zombie book, but a description of my new status as a writer.  So yes, my nice, but now sold,  Independent  Publisher and I have parted company and I am going to do it on my own.
Like any divorce, it leaves you feeling a little miserable and vulnerable, but then the  second jack and coke kicks in and you begin, if you’re anything like me, to marshal the troops. My army will include:

1/  Beta reader–tick (someone who already likes my stuff)

Beta reader

2/  Editor — tick (someone to whom I sent my stuff and likes it)


3/  Own imprint — tick. (Got a logo from a logo company very cheap–email me and I will spill the beans.)

Wyrmwood Books4/  The biggie–cover design/book formatter/ebook uploader//POD maker

Couple of contenders in the big leagues. Spiffing Covers and Matador to name a couple, or you can do all those things individually. But I’m a little lazy like that. I’d rather be writing.

frivolous_pursuits5/ Another book (tick)  It’s called Frivolous Pursuits and I got this early mock up–from Fivver–just to hang on the wall for now. Not the finished product, but it keeps me on point.

6 And another book. And another

For me, number 6 is what it’s all about. The 400Lb Gorilla keeps getting fans and nice reviews and that spurs me on. In fact it’s  what floats my boat full stop.  When it comes to writing, I genuinely think you have to do it because you love it. If your own story doesn’t make you laugh or cry, it isn’t going to make anyone else do those things, either. Same with music and art. Do it because you love it and if someone else does, fantastic.

Watch this space



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