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So tell me, DC Farmer, what would I get out of reading your book? Will I even like it?



Not many people ask that directly, but it’s the unspoken question whenever we make the decision to read anything. And if you’ve written a book, isn’t it about time you had an answer?

Now I have a very serious job.   I mean the 9-5 (okay 7-6). It involves helping people, making decisions almost every minute of the day which materially affects people’s lives. It may sound a little melodramatic, but that’s the reality of medicine.  doc

When I’m not doing that, I write. A cathartic, escapist activity, to prove to myself that I can do it. People get to know. People ask. When they do, it often goes a little bit like this.

“So, what sort of stuff do you write?”snob
“Well, it’s contemporary urban fantasy.”
“Ah, I don’t read fantasy. I don’t read anything that couldn’t really happen.”
(A fellow author once said that to me. The irony being that she writes supernatural mysteries.)
“Then you’ll loathe my stuff. It’s about a clandestine border agency that oversees the dimensional gateways between here and—”
“But why would anyone went want to read such made up, childish stuff, let alone write it?”
I pause, running through my responses. Do I regurgitate my interest in Celtic mythical legacy? The prospect of satirizing radical fundamentalism? Holding a mirror up to society and political philosophy? Instead, I mumble,
“Um, I like writing stories that take you somewhere you’ve never been before and make you smile.satire
“Fair enough. Not exactly Dickens then. Now, about this boil on my bum.”


The truth is, you don’t write with that kind of agenda. At least I don’t. It’s only afterwards, when someone has read it and they come back with comments, that you fully understand what you’re imaginings have turned out to be. Sure, you hoped they’d find it engaging, but it is always astonishing to find what others get out of it.


“a tightly woven plot that is just as fun to get through as it is to marvel at his occasional fun turns of phrase.” Amazon review

“dizzying trips in and out of reality, trans dimensional travel, and bureaucracy that is… well… actually, hilariously similar to real life, Jones takes us on a fantastic adventure that opens a new staggering wonder.” Amazon review

“I think that DC Farmer has struck gold with The 400lb Gorilla, because it’s something different and will please readers of humorous modern urban fantasy. Hopefully the author will write more Hipposync Archive novels in the near future, because it would be fun to read more about the characters and their adventures.” Amazon review

Job done. Now for that boil. Nurse, pass the BIG syringe…syringe

transp thumb Gnew

The 400Lb Gorilla is available online just about everywhere.

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