Never give up. Never surrender. Why I love Galaxy Quest.

So it’s 8 pm on Tuesday evening and I am answering an FAQ for an upcoming tour to continue getting the word out about The 400Lb Gorilla. I come across this question;

What movie do you love to watch?

Unlike many of the other questions, such as, “If you were a dog food, which one would you choose to be?” , this one is a no-brainer. Galaxy Quest. And then I got to thinking why? Why do I love this move so much? What does it say about me? Well, first of all, it gets 10/10 for irony/parody/satire. That is, of course, my thing. What I’m trying to do with the 400 Lb Gorilla.  I am so reassured that someone in the USA had the guts to make it and get it so right. Does that sound patronizing? Sorry. Not meant to (But I do give great patronizing. ) I also know that lots of die-hard  Trek fans took it completely the wrong way, but boy did they miss the point, since it celebrates the fact that the fans usually end up knowing more about the details of the show that the actors/writers/producers ever will. And the fans will inherit the earth.  It’s sarky, fun and has a twisted plot and always, always gets to me. Other people agree and  have said it way better.

But I boiled all of this down to the 2 catchphrases that get to the heart of the film. One I use every day with a fixed smile when the poop strikes the blades and the last 1000 words I’ve written stink to high heaven.

Never give up
Never surrender.

But the other, I don’t use because it’s melodramatic and corny, but is the one that really does it for me. Helped, of course, by being delivered in the unimpeachable way that Alan Rickman has.

So my this question in the FAQ was dead easy. Galaxy quest, every time. Watch the video and weep.

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