Gorilla news–New cover and new release date June 24th

front cover thumbJune may seem like a log way away, but it’ll be here sooner than you can say licketysplit. I know that because this week was the spring equinox and boy, have we been looking forward to that. I keep checking myself in the shower to make sure I have not started sprouting gills. Wettest winter since…the last wettest winter. Well, at least it gave me a bit of time to write and read. I’ll be the first to admit that  I am not a great one for the commercial side of this writing lark. Though I have a website and a twitter account and am on Google plus. But, as you will see from the last time I blogged anything, I am not an inveterate sharer when it comes to…stuff. And so I’ll post when I have something to say. And today, I do. It’s all to do with covers. The great thing about my publisher, Spence City is that they involve their authors in everything, including cover designs. But I learned one thing over the winter, I am not a cover designer. The trouble with letting authors do too much designing is that they quite often adopt a kitchen sink approach. We often end up wanting a whole scene or everything that’s ‘vita’, in our own minds,  in the image. Whereas a cover should stimulate the reader to be intruigued and want a bit more.

There is a very good article here by Creative Indie. It’s definitely worth a read. So I took stock and the plunge and decided to work with a different designer. That was the most difficult thing of all, since my previous designer is totally brilliant –check out the Obsidian Pebble and the amazing cover for The Beast of Seabourne (which are books  my alter ego writes) coming out in the Autumn. She remains brilliant, it’s simply that I have learned a harsh lesson.

Anyway, the new cover is as above and I hope you like it.

Oh, and there’s a very neat promo video on the book pages for you to see with a  brilliant voice over by Tom over on fiver. Music is by our own CT Jones, and the cartoongal did the graphics. I will keep you posted.


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