Gorilla release date (March 25 2014) and lucky Spam

Gorilla thumb 3dYes I’ve been away.

You may wonder where, or you may not give a hoot. But I’ll tell you anyway. In one of my other incarnations, I released one of my MG books in October and I got a little busy with that. But here I am to tell you about the 4ooLb Gorilla. Our new release date in March 25th. Yay. That gives me more time to…do stuff.We’re proofing the layout as I write and it all looks good, so make a note in your brand new 2014 diaries.

As for Spam–I keep having problems with trying to post on WP.com sites as akismet–the spam checker–has blacklisted me as spam. I think there’s a glitch somewhere and I’m working on it. But as we all know, spam comes from shoulder of pork and ham or Spiced ham, the ubiquitous, post depression era, utility food. I think the jury is out on the exact meaning, but it has sold over 6 billion cans, so I guess the company don’t worry too much over that QI question.  It is considered a luxury (and lucky) food in South Korea–I kid you not. take a look at this great BBC report if you doubt me.

Why is Spam a luxury food in South Korea?spam

Have a great 2014 and I will see you soon for updates on Gorilla.


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