Winter bliss in the Summertime blues.

So, Good old George Hoblip shared some of his favourite music with me and this came up as his number one all time video.

This is Adam Buxton’s interpretation of Guitar Wolf’s version  of Summertime Blues.

Now some of you will be familiar with the Adam Buxton oeuvre, but for those of you who aren’t, he is a media commentator and all round funny chap.

Here he has taken-literally taken-Japanese band Guitar Wolf’s rendition of Eddie Cochran’s classic Summertime Blues and made a video of same.

The lyrics on screen are how he (and we) hears them and indeed how he, and Guitar Wolf,  voices them. I would recommend you watch the video with the subtitles.

I would recommend you wear something absorbent while watching.

The real lyrics are printed here. I don’t even know which verse they were singing.

Oh, well my Mom and Poppa told me, son

You gotta make some money

If you want to use the car

To go ridin’ next Sunday

Well I didn’t go to work

Told the boss I was sick

Well you can’t use the car

Cause you didn’t work a lick

Sometimes I wonder

What I’m a gonna do

But there ain’t no cure

For the summertime blues


I’m gonna take two weeks

Gonna have a fine vacation

I’m gonna take my problem

To the United Nations

Well I called my congressman

And he said, whoa

I’d like to help you son

But you’re too young to vote

Sometimes I wonder

What I’m a gonna do

But there ain’t no cure

For the summertime blues


Lost in translation? Or are they actually speaking Brownie?

Ain’t no queue for the Summertime Booze!




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