Bones of the wrist

At the request of George Hoblip,  here’s another little medical gem dragged up from somewhere normally best left undisturbed. As med students we had lots and lots of mnemonics and acronyms to help us remember things. I especially liked the one for remembering the cranial nerves. It was extremely rude and had a V in it (for vagus). Beware putting a V in anything near a medical student because it always defaults to the lowest common denominator–and that word isn’t vulgar—well it is when taken out of context ( and also has a v and a g in it).


Anyway, for the bones of the wrist, we had:

Scaphoid, Lunate, Triquetrum, Pisiform, Trapezium,Trapezoid, Capitate, Hamate

Scared Lovers Try Positions That They Can’t Handle.

See, could have been a lot worse. There is somethign else about sore wrists but we’ll discuss that onanother (Geddit) occasion.

Sometimes I’m so sharp I think I’m going to cut myself.




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