I’ve had some really terrific comments on this blog. All highly complementary, you know–the sort that goes;

“You’re content is a wow factor. Until I read this, i thought my day is waisted! Shame about your search engine ranking.”

Is this a spambot talking? If not, it takes a worryingly large amount of practice to be as irritatingly illiterate as that. So I don’t get many comments, but that’s okay. I’ve talked myself into believing that after reading my stuff, most people are left pretty speechless and incapable of coherent thought, as in ‘Wtf is he on about?’

But those of you who do visit this blog, and I am reliably informed that there is now more than one and half, will know that I am completely sane. And anyway, I get enough in the way of comment from the girls in the office. I say girls, because Geroge (Hoblip) assures me they are girls. Quite difficult to tell with some of them, what with all the tats and stuff. Matt Danmore put it succinctly when he described a recent visit to New Thameswick when he saw something being modeled in a store there. He tells me he thinks it might have been underwear.

“Well it looked like underwear it that it was black and frilly, it was just that the thing modelling it had five legs and was the size and shape of a many -limbed wheelbarrow.”

Nice. Has a way with words does Matt. So does George, so long as that way includes a few ‘f’s’, ‘ck’s’ and the odd culture secretary.

Of course, I’ve transcribed many of Matt’s thoughts in The 400Lb Gorilla. And yes, the sample is here and the rest is on its way–ish.

Anyway–if you feel you’d like to comment–feel free. Spam and chips is off the menu though.

Nil Carburundum,


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