Warning; could make you laugh, or hide behind the sofa. Humour in fantasy.


1When you write a book about a world that doesn’t exist, or maybe does but we just can’t see it, you better have a good reason. Some are grand, like holding a dark mirror up so humanity can see their twisted faces, or, to poke a stick at people’s insistence that life isn’t funny at all. Others are less grand, like trying to make people smile a bit. What you don’t expect is people to say things like,

Since I’ve never read anything like this before, there’s nothing to compare it to. I’ve been very lucky and found something unique, something different.
All around a really great read, but a word of caution – random moments of loud and very audible laughing should be expected.

So is there an approach? In satire, it’s best not to be too contemptuous of those who deserve your contempt.  Even the worst twit should have a smidgen of redemption within a fingertip’s reach and those that can’t for lack of trying need to be able to hear the screws rattling loose inside their own heads.

But fantasy provides the best canvass upon which to paint your landscape and hopefully allow your reader to shake their heads, bemused as they recognize the stupid things that people do. That all people do. And fantasy gives us a path. A way to try and make sense of things we can’t comprehend when logic, or pity, or the rule of law doesn’t apply.
To quote one of Mr Pratchett’s characters.

snuff“I tell you, commander, it’s true that some of the most terrible things in the world are done by people who think, genuinely think, that they’re doing it for the best, especially if there is some god involved.”

Bleak and stark though those words are, deliver them from the viewpoint of the only sane man and you can share the humanistic burden.
only sane man
I rest my case.

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