How to write an author blog


How to write an author blog.


Method 1—the usual.

·      Get up.

·      Take hot coffee in to office/study with intent. (If no tent a yurt will do).

·      Put aside any thoughts of working on WIP.

·      Log on to internet and check emails.

·      Answer emails.

·      Check cost of new loafers on one site—12 sites.

·      Check e-bay auction for new dog bowl.

·      Check filmography of girl seen on TVcop show previous night whose name you can’t remember.

·      Watch trailers of five new movies due for release from filmography site.

·      Five minutes before having to leave for work/breakfast./flu shot, make note to self on post-it. Must write blog tomorrow—how about witty take on how to eat a bruised banana?


Method 2—the failsafe.

·      Get up.

·      Do not go to study.

·      Avoid laptops/Ipads/Iphones/Blackberries

·      Sit down at kitchen table with pen and paper.

·      Write 3 paragraphs long hand.

et voila.


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