Goodreads: It’s a marmite thing.


Many of my friends (and they are legion) from over the ‘pond'(LOL) will read this headline and wonder, WTH? (heck–they are all very polite).

I mean marmite? What is it?

Well, it’s a kind of thick brown paste made out of yeast which you spread on toast.

marmiteWhat could be simpler than that?

The point is that here in the UK, the population is divided into those that either swear by it because they love it (it’s a superfood, darling), or swear at it, because it tastes like a nasty football sock left in a kit bag for a month. So you see, it is often used to describe something you either love or hate.

Take Goodreads. I love it, but I just hate navigating it. I am now up there officially as DC Farmer, author, in anticipation of the publication of Gorilla next Feb and have spent the best part of the morning pondering just how much to reveal of myself in my bio, adding the blog,  etc, etc. Hey i am not the first, nor the last, to find it a bit of a chore:

But I’m there, the cover is up and my profile is done. I feel good about it. And i have to say that the librarians are unfailingly polite and understanding of my many faux pas. I mean one faux pas is bad enough, but when you’ve got a handful like me, it’s a short step to a guest spot on embarrassing illnesses.

So, next time you’re in the supermarket, get a little pot of Marmite and give it a go. if you hate it, put a dab on the dog’s nose and watch him give his tongue a workout by  licking away at it for hours.  It’s better than liking something else and a lot more entertaining than the TV.

Oh, and if you get a chance to pop over, have a look and let me know what else I can do o stop people laughing like hyenas when they see it.

2 comments on… “Goodreads: It’s a marmite thing.”

  1. Lovely post, made me giggle! I’ve not tried Goodreads but might avoid it if it’s that hard to navigate, although I will not be avoiding marmite, I love it!

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