Genius at work. Paul Carrack on tour.

Not my usual sort of flippant post this one. I just couldn’t let this one go by.

Last Thursday night, as a well thought out birthday gift, my wife took me to see Paul Carrack at the St David’s Hall in Cardiff.
Paul who? I hear a lot of you ask, since a few of the people this reaches are not British.
Well ask away, because you do know him even if the name isn’t that familiar.
At least you will have heard him, singing songs from a songbook that spans four decades. He’s been called the best blue eyed soul singer the rock scene ever produced. The voice of bands like;  Ace, Squeeze, Mike and the Mechanics…
The wiki link is here.
Paul Carrack WIKI

For me, as a child of the seventies rock scene and onwards, I’ve grown up with that voice and those songs.  If you have time, have a listen to these examples:
How long has this been going on.
A timeless and plaintive song about waking up and smelling the coffee.

Looking back  over my shoulder
Another  song about regret and missed opportunity in the aftermath of a break-up

And of course, the one that turns me inside out whenever I hear it. Poignant and heartfelt, a powerful song with a timeless message. I’ve yet to find anyone that this song doesn’t reach.
The living years

3 million plus hits on You tube. Just look at a few of the comments. My own dad died the day after my youngest son was born, so I sat in the audience and listened to that voice singing those words…

That’s what music can do to you. Thanks to Mike Rutherford too, of course, who wrote the song with BA Robertson.

If you get a chance to see Carrack, go. Stop reading this and look up the tour.
It’ll be worth it.



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