Hoblips medical corner # 2: Stethoscope noises.

Funny noises down my stethoscope, aka Hoblip’s Medical corner #2:
The Hodgkin-Key  sound.

Once again, George Hoblip, who is a Brownie—I’m not explaining, just read the rest of the site–has asked to me come up with something entertaining from the world of medicine. He finds the whole concept of physical medicine hysterical, unlike most patients.
Anyhoo—here is The Hodgkin-Key sound
Named for:
 Thomas Hodgkin English physician and pathologist, born 1798.
Charles Aston Key British surgeon and cardiologist, born 1798, London.
An auscultation phenomenon typical of aortic valve insufficiency—caused by partial destruction of the valve. It has an audible “musical” quality that can sometimes be heard at some distance from the patient, purportedly resembling the shriek of a seagull. Thus often referred to as a “seagull’s cry”.
Ed: There is also a syndrome known as Cris du chat—a serious condition caused by a chromosomal aberration, which for those of you unable to translate from the French, means the cry of a cat. Other conditions associated with animal noises exist too. Par example, Mrs Farmer sometimes exhibits Honk du baudet syndrome after a night out with the girls. No prizes for knowing the translation of baudet is ‘donkey’. This braying regurgitation of dinner is often accompanied by cursing of the most profligate kind and false promises never to drink more than six Bailey’s ever again. Eeee-haaaw.
In the interest of journalistic equity and since Mrs farmer does sometimes read this blog, I, apparently, have been known to sound ilke a jackass penguin when reworking the evening’s menu mingled with four pints of Guinness. I will leave you with that image until the next time.

DC Farmer is a Scribe with the Fimmigration Service.


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