Hoblip’s medical corner #1: Aguecheek’s disease.

Being a hundred and fifty years old and thus an adolescent Brownie in the fae world, George Hoblip is fascinated by non fae medical science. He is forever pestering DC Farmer for bits of medical trivia with which to regale his friends over a gallon or two of white tornado  outside the recreation centre on a Friday night.
Here is today’s offering.

Aguecheek’s disease
Synonyms: Meat intoxication.

Named after: Sir Andrew Aguecheek (A character from Shakespeare’s play Twelfth Night)
A disturbance in which intolerance of nitrogenous substances causes dementia in liver diseases. The condition is characterized by personality changes and gradual intellectual deterioration. (For those with a medical bent {there are pills}, see also—does my B.U.N look high in this?)

DCF (editor’s note): Not to be confused with the same set of symptoms that might occur after the occasional meal of 20oz sirloin or giant lamb shank plus three bottles of red. We all know what’s to blame there.


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