I know what you did this (wettest) summer; splish-splosh

Yay! Wettest summer in 100 years, it’s official.

As if we needed it rubber stamped.

Ok, the garden looks fantastic, except for the Hostas which have provided famine relief for several generation of slugs and snails this year.

So fêtes  have been cancelled, holidays ruined, but at least the reservoirs are full, right?

But what is it we want from our summers? Hose-pipe bans and sleepless nights in bedrooms where air-conditioners never featured on the blueprint, or lush gardens and a renaissance in stylish umbrellas? Our British weather has been hit in the face by the soggy wet towel of the jet-stream yet again.

But every cloud…you know the rest. So here are my top ten lists of what was good about Summer 2012:

1/ Didn’t mind being at work because the weather was pants (bwwp)

2/ Did not have to water any plant in the garden

3/ Escaped to Spain in May, but felt at home bwwp.

4/ No guilt for staying in and watching the Olympics bwwp.

5/ Only had to look at dog panting and limp from heat twice in 3 months.

6/ Lots of time to write and get the 400Lb gorilla ready for end of September pub date (yes, it’s coming!!) bwwp.

7/ Saved a fortune on lollipops and ice-cream bwwp.

8/ Sampled what it was like to be at the Edinburgh Fringe in Autumn–well last week of August–same thing bwwp.

9/ Made my significant other lose 2mls of wee involuntarily by purchasing a new rain hat in Barbour shop, Edinburgh. mainly because it had a fetching Liberty band on it. That in itself was not enough to compromise bladder control. but the fact that it was a woman’s hat was. And if that wasn’t sufficient, the fact of me  prancing about the Literary festival while wearing it all morning certainly was. Some succor from son who said it only made me look slightly more eccentric than usual. WTF (I hope that means wave three fingers).

10/ Have started to develop webbed fingers a la Harry Potter on Gillyweed bwwp.

Roll on next year–designer snorkel anyone?

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