So while I was waiting for Mrs Hoblip to cook up a warm supper of Blumenthalian exquisiteness while I worked late at the Hipposync offices, I happened to turn on Sky to see that Up–Pixar’s genius creation–is now showing.

Ticks all the boxes for me: Old codger (me), dogs, dirigibles, poignant married couple story, kid searching for a dad. Terrific.

George (Hoblip) of course, though it was pants becuse it didn’t have

1/ Guns

2/ Murders

3/Females under the age of 25.

I’m not sure if there really is a generation gap, or whether it’s an ethnic culture thing—him being a Brownie and me being human. I mean, I’ve been to Golgontia with him (he went to college there)and they’re idea of  fun night out makes Ghenghis Kahn look like  a teletubby (Specifically Dipsy who always gave me the willies in a vacant stare type of way). Thankfully, Mrs H came in just as our discussions became heated and that was the end of it since chewing a piece of Mrs H’s lasagna is a literal conversation stopper. Not so much al dente as add dentures.

Nil Carberundum



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