Nail on the head.

Once again, George Hoblip has pestered me into another medical tidbit. Editing the 400 lb gorilla will have to wait (again).


Still, this one is for all DIY enthusiasts.

Plummer’s nail

Named for: Henry Stanley Plummer  American endocriologist born 1874

Onycholysis as a sign of hyperthyroidism, especially when it affects the ring finger. Concave or ragged edge to the nail bed seen in early onycholysis occurring with thyrotoxicosis (basedow’s disease) usually most prominent in the 4th and 5th fingers.

Carpenter’s nail

Associated person— Jones the Carpenter born 1951.

Bloodstained remnant of thumbnail which remains hanging by a sinuous thread after being hit with a three pound hammer consequent upon a blow delivered while distracted by offer of a cup of tea. Often accompanied by vocal eruptions.

“Yes please, milk and three sugaarrgh..ohsweetjeesandchuntney!!”

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