Medicine vs writing

Today, I did my stint for the NHS and  arrived home duly cream-crackered. It would be a great job if it wasn’t for the patients. Never quite understood why simply sitting behind a desk listening to people’s problems,  prescribing  pills and operating causes such fatigue.   All that concentration in a brain whose neuronal drop out rate is increasing by the minute, I expect. Imagine a toilet brush with half the bristles missing. It means that you have to scrub that bit harder for the same effect, doesn’t it?  Not sure where that one came from as I could have used toothbrush just as well–for the analogy I mean, not for the U bend. That would just be very messy and silly. And believe me no amount of bleach get’s that toothbrush looking like it did before…but I digress.

Just time enough to blog this before an early night to prepare for a full day at the Hipposync office tomorrow. There, of course, it’s a totally different cauldron of pilchards. That’s tiring too. Trying to keep track of God knows how many Fae who have decided they like being over here is just never ending. George Hoblip looks like a walking impression of mount Etna after a prawn Thali after a day’s work. Mostly, that’s his colouring though, I have to admit. No, George doesn’t generally have much problem with “difficult” clients he says,  though he has admitted to me that he can never finish a whole one. Lol. But back to medicine vs writing, and for writing read blogging, (as opposed to dogging-hah). Difficult one. There’s the spiel about meeting all those people and  the fact that you’re not hung up on all that writers angst since you occasionally do something practical and worthwhile for your fellow man–so long as it doesn’t involve a rectal thermometer. All I know is that it’s quite tiring. And I’m seriously considering becoming a twit. I did tell George that but I must have chosen the wrong moment; I think he was eating something because he turned even more red than normal and started to make funny choking noises. Anyway, when I get my twit account you lot wil be the first to know. And I had a nice note from my publisher today to say that they like The 400 lb Gorilla. It appears that there is no accounting for taste.

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