So it begins – And it’s goo night from him.

Not easy starting all this up, and yet I know it has to be done. Not just because these stories have to be told but because it’s 9 pm and I have just returned from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival where a thoroughly goo time has been had by all. In truth, I am a little bit cream-crackered. However, I have learned this evening that the launch date for my journey into the unknown, i.e. the publication of my first e-book and POD, The 400 lb Gorilla, looms!

Just fancy that. And yes, you will have noticed that I have written ‘thoroughly goo time’ instead of good time, because after reading it I felt that it might actually work  as a pun since it has all sorts of connotations whereby ‘goo’ would do just as well as  good without losing any of its impact or meaning. For example, had I just had a blow out in a cake shop, a goo time would be very appropriate. Or had I just taken part in a slapstick routine with some wallpaper paste, the exact same phraseology would apply. And of course,  that’s not even mentioning the sort of ‘goo’ time you might have with a member of the opposite sex, lol. However, I’m not going down that road because I don’t want to offend anybody and I’m afraid that if I do elaborate, such musings can only come to a very sticky end.

But I digress. What you see here are the ramblings of an author–actually a scribe–on the point of diving in to the deep end of e-publishing with the delightful folks at Lucky Bat Books. I promise to keep you updated. In the mean time, my highlights at the Fringe?  Tim Vine whose show was brilliant and whose jokes were delivered at too quick a pace for me to remember any of them. Curse you Vine. But if I had to pick one, it would be;  ‘Life hasn’t been easy for me you know. I was Christnened with a blowtorch. That was a bapstims of fire.’

I will keep you informed.


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